Waving Wood Signature Series – Army – Red, White & Blue


Choose a small 9.75″ x 18.5″ or one of our large 19.5″ x 37″ flags. See details below for more information on our Signature Series Flags

*Flags shown in the pictures are not the same flag you will receive, these flags are handmade to order.

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Each wooden Flag is hand carved as one unit from start to finish for the best results possible.
Every Flag is unique, no two flags will ever be identical, the images shown are examples of previous flags and will not be the exact flag you receive .
Signature Series Flags are available in twos sizes, large - 19.5″ x 37" and small 9.75" x 18.5" the thicknesses vary with the wave of the flag 
Made from solid wood large flags can weigh between 20 - 25 pounds once finished and the Small flags will weight roughly 4 to 5 pounds
It takes more than 20 different steps over several days time to make each of these beautiful flags.   
Once hand carved each stripe is individually finished in our Signature Series style then stained to order specifications before assembly. 
This ancient finishing technique brings out the different wood grains in each piece leaving everyone wanting to take a closer look.    
Pictures do not do justice to these stunning flags, you really need to see and feel them for yourself to really appreciate their beauty.  
This process adds a beautiful multi-dimensional 3D raised texture to the grain that is hard to explain but you can see what I mean in this picture. 
We can do custom colors, designs, Red line, Blue Line, personalized and more. Just send me a message if your looking for something specific or have a question.  
The stars and designs carved into our Signature Series Flags are all individually hand carved.
We do not just scrape the surface, our designs are carved deep for added visual depth. 
Once hand carved each star is charred so that they match the same finish as the rest of your Signature Series Flag.
We take that even one step further and actually hand paint the matching color as the light stripes as per the order specifications. 

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Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions18.5 × 1.5 × 9.75 in
1. Choose your Flag Size

Small 9.75" x 18.5", Large 19.5" x 37"


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